A subscription-based model for detecting and responding to cyber threats, it provides the best in-house security operations center that delivers a more comprehensive, more effective approach to threat detection and response and addressing potential threats to sensitive data and devices.

Security Governance, Risk And Compliance

It was prepared for essential management of institutions and risk measurement and thus handling, this service aims to rehabilitate and upgrade the efficiency of risk management and application of governance and identify the best business coordination mechanisms.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a systematic process aimed at identifying and analyzing all potential risks and issues that are harmful to the business, it is carried out by a competent person to determine the existing measures, to eliminate risks in the workplace in any potential situation.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is designed to meet the needs of complex organizations that deal with a variety of sensitive assets through technical, physical, or process-based means, and their ability to withstand attack.

Information Security and Incident Management (SIEM)

We help you collect and analyze security events across network parts, servers, applications, and systems, and ingest more than 800 types of logs for threat detection, detection, and remediation.

Cyber ​​Situation Analysis

Recently, organizations are relying on information systems, and this means that organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks, so we help you assess, manage and control cyber security risks across your organization.

Vulnerability Scanning (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT)

Protect your business from network attacks based on pt penetration testing and examining potential vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, improving security of infrastructure, mobile applications, network applications, and WLANs

Security Management (SDM)

(SDM) service means working to manage all the protection and security devices of the organization, and work to improve the quality of their work, to be more prepared to block any electronic attacks, through configuration, upgrade and monitoring of devices.

Protection from DDOS attacks

DDOS attacks is one of the types of e-attack that causes the user inability to access the system, and may last for hours or week, which means exposure companies to physical losses, and customer loss.

Legal consulting office

Our offenders are ready to defend you and your organization against any kind of electronic offenses that you are in virtually vulnerable, by a group of experts in legal consulting and the world of electronic crime