Cyber Situation Analysis

The information security of companies, and their systems are constantly threatened to be exposed to risks, as the cyber-attack is increasing day by day around the world, and therefore the process of evaluating the general security of the organization is one of the important things that is already able to protect the organization from cyber-attacks. All kinds of deficiencies that exist in the firewall, in addition to the use of advanced tools and technological techniques through which all possible attacks can already be predicted and eliminated positively, and the assessment of the risks that the organization suffers must be done by a team of specialists who have great experience .

Where the most advanced tools in the field of cybersecurity and the team, which has large experience for years in this area of ​​engineers, technicians, and competencies, so there is a completely different strategy for others, and a distinctive behavior in the procedures and steps that are taken, where the beginning is comprehensive All security information, networks and applications, and instruments relating to the organization, having been examined by identifying more gaps that can come from attack, and after the security information is protected from all parties we find that the team is working on defensive features that the wall is based on it What kind of attacks.

Does the cyber case analysis help you protect your valuable information?

Many security information can expose the institution to problems and put them critical, to enhance the analysis of the situation from protecting all information.

How is the cyber case analyzed?

The Case Case for the Foundation as it is strong, whenever you have already been able to resist the risks you constantly threaten, and overlooked its negatives to analyze you the cyber case as follows:

• Determination of data and full infrastructure
• Identify the most important priorities that require protection from components
• Analyze all kinds of risk that can be exposed
• Know and identify all vulnerabilities that existed firewall
• Prepare and analyze controls in order to reduce and get rid of weaknesses
• Calculate the extent and effect of risk impact on exposure
• Documentation and determine risk and provide a comprehensive action report

What is the benefit of cyber security analysis?

A collection of reports after assessing the cyber case is provided to the Department detailed on the overall security situation so as to take the resolution, these reports.