Information Security and Incident Management (SIEM)

This service is the first responsible for managing all security information, events control, and periodic analysis to all security matters, as well as tracking and recording all security data, in order to see the progress of work safely and is one of the security solutions that help institutions Learn all the threats that are disrupting the organization, or forecasting the security disasters that can be exposed by the company and are overlooked, they exceed the perspective and classification as a set of tools are prepared and configured for the management of the work record, but are a technique that has evolved for artificial intelligence thanks to artificial intelligence As they make it more sophisticated to protect the institution.

This testicle has many levels, which provides each level of this service to provide a solution to a problem, or a specific type of problems specializing in each level, which means that the service is working to determine all the threats that can be subject to or exposed to enterprise , This data is analyzed by special SIEM already wide source, which means that the property is providing many internal solutions, before it depends on the analysis of the cookies, so the service can be discovered in advance, and its prohibition of the system as a whole, in addition to the discovery of any A kind of new expectations for attack and disposal before their impact and impose control on the system.

Why is Siem a security turning point for your organization?

SIEM is a comprehensive security service, protects the organization from all attacks and security threats, using artificial intelligence, request service now.

Importance of SIEM service?

To manage your security information in the ideal way that protects the organization from any electronic attacks, you must get SIEM service with the following features and features:

• Learn all threats at the actual time
• Comprehensive audit of organizational compliance
• It depends comprehensively on artificial intelligence
• Improve the efficiency of the security organization
• Discover advanced and difficult threats
• Addressing DOSS attacks
• Conducting criminal investigations

Advantage Make SIEM essential tool for your organization?

One of the most important features of SIEM service are the most protected from DOSS attacks, which means stability of the service provided to customers and presence on the server without interruption.