Red Teaming

Is one of the advanced activities and practices and techniques that are used to illustrate the way enemy or discount, or the body that threatens your organization in terms of e-security, by representing some security attacks to identify gaps that exist on the firewall, this process is already mimicing real attacks, To end your functions to have a safer system, improve your technological and security side, if you think that the protection system is already bored and complex and a member of the Red team is able to get out of the data center, and the system penetration, this means that the system needs to be configured and to Reform.

Many elements of the company or institution may be vulnerable to penetration, these elements require examination and protection, so through the Red Team, all applications and devices are targeted, as well as the company’s material security, and after the intensive attack on which senior experts are being targeted Domain, the domain is known where the attacker may infiltrate within the security systems they own, in addition to knowing the way they will attack, and how the defense performance of the institution, either before you repair gaps, and after improving them and strengthening it and removing it finally from the firewall , And in the end the size is recognized and the percentage of penetration either before or after the patch.

Why is the Red Teaming service advanced protection?

The team is performing an automatic survey and using hand tools and all ways that can be used to penetrate the firewall, which means that you will not have gaps.

What are the common techniques of the Red team?

The service when it is prepared by specialized hands, enjoying high experience The result is already very satisfactory, so our team is some common techniques:
• Reliance on social engineering that is based on email.
• Exploit services related to networks
• Reliance on facilities and material elements
• Exploitation of web applications that account for many gaps
• Phone tests related to the institution being the weakest episodes
• Attempt to attack depth areas to discover the most accurate gaps

How is Red Teaming a comprehensive authority for your organization?

This service uses techniques and experts in the field of cybersecurity, as well as attacks and testing for each common security infrastructure, such as programs, and devices.