Vulnerability Scanning (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT)

Service for security gaps (VA) and breach testing (PT) of the security effective services that praised the information security professionals and their impact on the complete protection of security and the ability to repel the breakthrough attacks that the institution can be exposed, which is already doubled every day, which is what In this service you can already guarantee better protection, and coordinate your defense lines to receive attacks on a regular basis, prior and qualitative enumeration and make the impact of incomplete attacks. Whether financial or loss of customers, or an electronic reputation loss for this you need this service to protect you.

By experienced experienced engineers, professional skills, you receive the service of the inspection of security gaps (VA) and the penetration test (PT), where we guarantee the overall surveillance and good management, and all protection devices, and this is done through the SOC, and is distinctive In this service it is commensurate and complies with all the parties to NCA SAMA CITC, as well as the process of erasing and removing risk as a whole, and this is to strengthen weaknesses and palaces to avoid all unwanted losses, there are many gaps that may suffer from firewall, The process of discovering these gaps and eliminating them, and erased from the wall by hacking tests that are prepared to identify gaps and to do it is one of the main solutions that already contribute to your protection.

How do you examine the security gaps (VA) and the PHT test (PT) on your safety?

Integrated service is working to improve public security for institutions, in addition to getting rid of all gaps, and all the requirements of the organization are now asking.

The advantages of obtaining security for security gaps (VA) and penetration test (PT) crossed us?

Be sure to measure the risks that can be exposed by the institution is the best solution to the security problems, so we need to availability of the following benefits:

• We provide the overall test for all web services
• Comprehensive examination to all applications and services
• Determine all palaces and diminish in the security data
• Select a system to work in accordance with the capacity of the institution
• Trainers with high experience and great professionalism
• Work in advanced methodologies for examination of experiences
• Reliance on advanced techniques and tools
• Use flexible models for better security

Why checked the security gaps (VA) and the penetration test (PT) through us?

Work according to advanced techniques and procedures, which have a significant role in breach of attacks and improve protection and avoid piracy.